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Obsidian Cult Records

Recording Contract

Recording Contract

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Calling all musicians and artists craving top-notch music production and recording services! Obsidian Cult Records is your ultimate destination for turning your creative ideas into polished, high-quality tracks. Whether you're seeking assistance with a single song or aiming to craft a full-length album, our team of seasoned professionals is equipped with the skills and technical expertise to make it happen. From brainstorming sessions to meticulously capturing every nuance of your performance, we'll guide you through the entire production process. With Top studio resourcing and industry-leading equipment, your music will be elevated to new heights, ready to captivate audiences worldwide. Join forces with Obsidian and experience the transformative power of exceptional music production and recording. We will help you with whatever you need help with to get your music made and released.


*Contract Price includes up to 4 fully produced songs and a release strategy executed by your label rep

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