Obsidian Cult Records was established
to connect artists and musicians
with tools and resources they need to be 
 We firmly believe that making a living
from your music should not be complicated
Step 1: No Contract Fee At OCR.
       We believe in supporting artists without burdening them with insane costs. That's why we have eliminated the contract fee. Furthermore, we will never own your music or try to take your rights away. We aim to empower talented musicians by providing them with an opportunity to showcase their artistry without financial/industry barriers.
      Step 2: Access to Resources.
 We understand that making a living from music involves more than just talent. That's why we provide our signed artists with exclusive access to a wide range of resources. These resources include industry professionals, production studios, marketing expertise, and other valuable tools necessary to create high-quality music and promote their work effectively.
Step 3: Empowering Artists' Success
 Our ultimate goal at Obsidian Cult Records
is to help artists thrive in their music careers. We go beyond just releasing and distributing music. We work closely with our signed artists to develop personalized strategies and provide guidance on building a sustainable music career. We assist in exploring various revenue streams, such as merchandise sales, live performances, and licensing opportunities, to ensure artists can make a living from their passion.
   At Obsidian Cult Records
we're dedicated to supporting artists, fostering their growth, and ensuring they have the resources needed to succeed in the industry. Join us to unleash your musical potential and build a sustainable career in the world of music WITHOUT selling your soul.